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Halloween 2018

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Club History

The  35+ Singles Club began as The Singles Club in 1960 when members presumably single and over 35 got together in private homes.  In the beginning women would bring the food and men the drinks. They danced to music played on the record player. When the membership outgrew private homes they moved to The Cullinary Workers Union Hall and later the Oddfellows Hall on Northern Lights, and the Highland  Fling Club at 4th Avenue and D Street. In 1973 the name was changed to the 35+ Singles Club.   In 1975 they began meeting at the Carpenter's Hall at 407 Denali Street where they still meet to this day.  In 1977 the club was incorporated as a non profit social organization.  Charitable work was also included as part of the club's mission.  Many changes occurred over the years. With live bands replacing records, and buffet dinners being coordinated by kitchen volunteers, and the bar manned by members.  The club often hosted theme nights with elaborate decorations. During the 1980's kings and queens of balls were crowned along with mother and fathers of the year. In 1985 there were over 500 members.  Dinner was served at 10:30 and dancing often went on until 1:00AM.  Sometimes the club hosted other social events outside of the Saturday night dances, such as hikes, picnics, and movies.  Over the years many couples met at the club.  A list from the 1980's showed over 50 couples met at the club and wed during that decade.  As times have changed so has the club.  In January 2022 the membership met and voted to open the club to all persons 21+ married or single.  And, a new name was adopted, Anchorage Social Dance Club. Under our current bylaws our purpose is to support is to encourage and promote dancing, and provide a forum for dancing.  While we have a simpler format than in past years, we still provide a place for members to have a safe, fun evening of dancing and socializing with old friends and new.

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